John Richmond, the historic brand that became famous around the world for rock-inspired collections, has taken up where it left off and is forging a new plan for stylistic development and international expansion. Rock, glamorous, iconic, evocative and immediately available. It marks a return as well as presaging the future. The Capsule Collection with which John Richmond is marking the label’s return to the fashion scene has the strength of heritage, the characteristics of contemporary life and design it has developed itself. 

The inspiration John Richmond draws from rock is not a nostalgic return to the disruptive music scene of the past, but the development of the narrative skills of a society in continual change.      

John Richmond achieves it with that rock feeling that can still today construct nomadic tribes and find expression in a lifestyle, whereupon it becomes an icon. In this capsule collection, rock can be sensed in the creative development which, like rock music, disorientates, questioning pre-established certainties, while at the same time evoking the extremely contemporary glamour of a new street style.