John Richmond


John Richmond, the historic brand that became famous around the world for rock-inspired collections, has taken up where it left off and is forging a new plan for stylistic development and international expansion. Rock, glamorous, iconic, evocative and immediately available. It marks a return as well as presaging the future. The Capsule Collection with which John Richmond is marking the label’s return to the fashion scene has the strength of heritage, the characteristics of contemporary life and design it has developed itself. The inspiration John Richmond draws from rock is not a nostalgic return to the disruptive music scene of the past, but the development of the narrative skills of a society in continual change. John Richmond achieves it with that rock feeling that can still today construct nomadic tribes and find expression in a lifestyle, whereupon it becomes an icon.


The John Richmond Jr collection continues to take its inspiration from the world of music, but opens itself up to pop-culture with a witty, modern vision that combines dynamism, elegance and street style, offering a total look that’s both formal and informal, appropriate for every occasion and always comfort-orientated to suit kids. The desire to dress kids with a playful spirit, while always taking the care to understand their deepest needs. To dress up but not to disguise, in other words. As John Richmond himself declared: “Kids just need to have fun!


John Richmond launches the sportswear collection reinterpreted in a modern key, with glamorous details and irresistible mix and matches, in order to conquer either the most exclusive gyms and the city streets. The entire collection alternates fabrics, contrasts and details without ever losing its main inclination, characterized by simplicity and a practical soul. John Richmond activewear is suitable for all kinds of sports

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