Red Valentino

REDValentino is:

youth – that is freedom, a sense of daring, a playful lack of conventions, not a vital statistic. Youth as a will to non conform, inventively mix and a match, the urge to use fashion as individual expression. 

REDValentino strives for: 

ingenuity, a joyful yet subversive gaze, spontaneity, inspiration that breaks rules and stereotypes, contrasts that are solved jollily, giddily, amusingly. 

REDValentino mixes: 

high and low, street and couture, Wanderlust and Wonderland, intuition and determination, past and present. 

REDValentino creates:

a repertoire of possibilities that can be interpreted in many ways, skipping conventions and impositions. 

REDValentino fuels:

constant self-reinvention, an endlessly renewed tale told through the many images a girl can project onto the world, storytelling that is rooted in reality and is authentic just as much as it is theatrical, witty, funny and even a tad anarchic. 

REDValentino delves into:

the here and now, with a romantic, cool stance. 

REDValentino is about:

clothes as a personal language and personality as the essence of style. 

REDValentino is:

spontaneous, multicultural, digital savvy, original – effortlessly so.

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