Zadig is a lifestyle, a unique look, a feeling of freedom. 

Paris-born and quintessentially French fashion house, whose name is a reference to 18th century French philosopher named Voltaire who wrote “The Book of Fate” (Zadig ou la Destinée). Like the brand, Voltaire was a contemporary rocker – breaking the rules and seeking new ideas.

Zadig was one of Voltaire’s characters. He was a revolutionary, he was all for telling people to be themselves. Zadig and Voltaire captures this same free spirit and individuality.

Fashion is in the blood.

When Zadig & Voltaire’s founder, Thierry Gillier, launched the brand in 1997, it probably came as little surprise to his family: Gillier is the grandson of Andre Gillier, the co-founder of iconic French fashion house, Lacoste. 

 Zadig & Voltaire is French easy luxury brand. Chic and casual. Young, arty, Parisian. Feminine, masculine. More than an everyday collection, it would be free-spirited, with a rock attitude. It would break the mold and embrace modernity. Cashmere for everyone. Updated basics. A new way to wear jersey with the iconic Henley top. Capsule collections with contemporary artists and designers. Fashion as a statement, art as inspiration. Just one rule: be yourself, completely. Such is the borderless ambitions of the brand’s fashion manifesto.  Always be ready for anything!

Easy wear. Easy life. Easy luxury. This is Zadig!

Androgynous. Black sunglasses. An angel alights on the piles of books in the Zadig & Voltaire offices. An eccentric symbol of Parisian elegance, inspired from contemporary art. The timeless messenger. Its wings are more than a symbol: they are freedom.

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