Le Silla


The Le Silla brand was founded in 1994 based on an idea of Enio Silla who decided to pursue his true passion: women’s shoes.

Enio Silla, who had always been the Le Silla collection designer, was mainly inspired by the desire to give shape to the idea of seduction, to provide a concrete image of a woman with a high degree of femininity. The Le Silla brand is therefore distinguished by a sophisticated and sexy style, with strong and fancy content.

Brand represents 100% Made in Italy.

Quality control is performed at each processing stage resulting in a final product that is perfect and highly appreciated in the domestic and international markets. The master shoemakers represent a specialization that is continually evolving thanks to real-time updating using the latest techniques.

The soul’s shoes is imprinted through trend researches, examining models and colours and creating inspiration mood boards. These impose the style and concept of the Collections. Innovative techniques of manufacturing are tested to be utilized enriching the finished product.

From the leather tanning hides and natural adhesives, up to the domotic use for the maintenance of the ambient, Le Silla Factory became a place where artisan and territory are respected. Once high quality hides have been selected, their artisans assemble true “Jewels to wear”. Customizations and project on demand are the touchable fantasy of this success.

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