AGL was created in 1958, in the Italian region of Marche, the beating heart of shoe making production. Thanks to the efforts of Piero Giusti, the first of three generations, AGL was established and continues to thrive as a family owned company. The brand reputation and worldwide distribution expanded further with the input of the whole womanly 3rd generation – Sara, Vera and Marianna – currently at the helm of what they consider their family jewel. The Giusti sisters successfully completed the reshaping of AGL image through a rebranding project to mark the beginning of a new era for the brand. AGL is a legacy created out of tradition, skilled craftsmanship, memories and international vocations; values that are shared by the family and the 110 skilled and open-minded workers who come from 14 different nationalities, 65% of whom are women.


Made by women for women, merged with the heart of Italian mastery and hand craftsmanship, AGL ensures a unique effortless chic and cool style based on a perfect balance between opposites: feminine and masculine. Sara, Vera and Mari are the innovative women behind the AGL brand. Their powerful, determined, and courageous personalities are expressed in their personal dream of styles, reflected in the collections. Each sister has a unique role and together they make up the creative spirit of the brand. They have reworked the past and introduced it into the modern times incorporating the same measures of grace, strength, and feminine elements reflected and balanced throughout the AGL collections. AGL is the Giusti Sisters’ charm, full of that needed energy, passion and unmatched quality that offers women remarkable shoes and invites them to join the Sara, Vera and Mari in an enlarged bond of SISTERHOOD.

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