The narrative power of clothes is truly felt only when the wearer is the protagonist

Forte_Forte aims at dissolving the distance between the clothes and the person, putting emotions and sensations at the center. Emotional authenticity is the character that defines the project, which stemmed from the brotherly bond between Giada and Paolo Forte.

Their story began in 2002 with a small collection of hand–finished t–shirts. But the siblings’ bond with fashion had been lasting since their childhood spent in the family’s knitwear factories. Today Paolo is responsible for the business strategies, Giada is in charge of design in Forte_Forte, while her life partner, Robert Vattilana, is an art director of the company.

Forte_Forte’s signature move is slowness. It is the choice to operate on a personal level, far from fashion and closer to style, creating pieces with no expiry date, meant as words of a constantly evolving discourse. Slow is the choice of a business model in which profit comes from quality, from products of real and palpable value and production is carefully controlled. Slow is the choice to open up one step at a time, only and always at the right moment. Forte_Forte is a hub of sensations and emotions permeated by a sense of timeless classicism. It keeps evolving, staying true to the spirit of the beginnings.

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